Peace for all!

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The peaceful revolution.

To Begin a peaceful revolution you must know your enemy ! In the case of Tommy Robinson, the enemy is the ruling class, so what do we know about them?

The ruling class only care about money and power.
The ruling class need people to purchase there goods and services to continue to make money.
The ruling class never get involved in anything unless it effects there profits and then they get the big guns out.

To begin a peaceful revolution, which would take a considerable time to take effect. The participants would need to do the following things.

Don't take out mortgages or loans.
Don't buy take-way's or any unnecessary purchases other than to feed themselves and there families and use market holders produce as much as possible.
Grow your own produce, keep chickens for example.
Don't take trains or public transport go by bike whenever possible.
Forget buying things like furniture, kitchen appliances and hardware goods.
Don't go to cinema's or football matches, pleasure parks and don't go on holidays etc.
Stop buying newspapers, they predominantly lie to you anyway.
Give up your TV's and cancel your license fees, because they are lying to you or withholding the truth.

In essence Don't purchase anything that you don't really need for survival, always pay your bills, council tax and mortgage repayments if you have them, it would be counter productive if you give your enemy that advantage.

By implementing this strategy the shops would be like ghost towns and the elites profits would dwindle and die, and they would get out the big guns and put pressure on the government by lobbying. The government collect 20% tax on most of your purchases and sometimes even higher on goods like alcohol, tobacco and fuel, by not purchasing unnecessary items the tax revenue collected by the treasury would go down considerably.

This would mean that a large number of people would need to implement this strategy so it would take some considerable time to take effect and there will be those who would not participate, but from acorns grow giant oaks.

If done well ! Without showing your hand to early, We the people would eventually win, because without money these people would fold and cease to have power and influence.

To summaries.

This peaceful protest would not involve travelling anywhere and facing riot police and tear gas, nobody would be hurt and everybody could still go to work, without fear of braking some Orwellian law.

People power! Like a work to rule principle, these elites are using the peoples money to relieve them of there rights, so lets relieve the elites of there money and take back our rights. For the people the worst that can happen is they save a load of money that they would usually give to the elites!

This is a long term solution for a peaceful revolution, lets use it while we can, before people need to die needlessly against a well established highly trained and armed body of humans that are ready and able to defend these elite prostitutes. In 2016 we voted to leave the EU people power worked then and can work now with enough people on our side!

Foot note!
Governments only rule by consent of the people! If all the donors removed funding from any party, they will take notice, resign from membership of any party and they will sit up and take notice. I would recommend not voting for any party currently as they are all funded also by non tax paying corporations, who should be boycotted at all cost .

Kind Regards Gez.


very well explained. I agree with you @gezzazoom

Thank you! Its time we took back the power of the 99% and begin to live like human beings, because left in peace we would all get along together regardless of race or religion etc , this insanity has to end and hopefully in a peaceful way, regards Gez.....