My belly Is growing I now have 7523.732 SteemPower I also now vote at 100% 2.4 hr roundssteemCreated with Sketch.

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More Steem Power, 100 % Votes!


Bellyrub Here with another update I have gotten another 1811.94 SP! Makes my total voting Power 7523.732 wow I feel bloated! That is $1.24 Per vote!

Because of this rules have changed for the better! I now vote at 100% which makes it now 1 hour extra so instead of 1.5 it is now 2.4 Hours between rounds this is to ensure I give out 100% bellyrubs!

bellyrubupdate 2.PNG

Just so you know the rules can change any time so be sure to check my profile for the latest status updates!

Some things to note:

1: .01 SBD is the minimum bid, Keep in mind though you might be out bid so maybe try .1 SBD considering I am voting at 100%
2: Each round of voting now lasts for 2.4 hours
3: You're bidding for 0-100% vote weight at 100% vote power from @bellyrub
4: @zeartul chooses random posts from consistent users to bid with higher amounts.
5: You might already know this but new users might not, posts must be newer then 6 days and 12 hours to get a vote, if a bid does get sent after this time frame they will be considered as donations.


Most important rule:

Make sure you share the votes with your fellow steemains and minnows! Giving feels so much better!

How to bid for a belly rub and an upvote

Send your bid in SBD to Mr: @bellyrub with a post url as a memo from your steemit wallet much like @randowhale and @booster

An even easier way that I just found from my fellow steemit bots is bookmarking this steemconnect page from busy, and paste your wonderful post/comment link after the memo = part

bellyrub transfer.PNG

After the current round closes (2.4 hours) all bids with in the time frame gets calculated and vote % gets distributed by all bids.

BidWars for BellyRubs Begin!


You're welcome for the steem power haha

I still don't understand how these bots work.

Hello you send .01-.1 SBD to get a vote from @bellyrub.

what if you send more? like...0.5 sbd? is this ok

At the moment that is what people are sending since the vote is worth $1.65

Thanks, will do.

I don't thave much time to explain you.

Great idea !!! Thanks for your last upvote :)

Great job on this @zeartul, love that little belly fish :)

This is awesome. I gotta get me one of those.

Seriously, I'm gonna send some moolah right now. Let's rub some belly!

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Thank you for helping us minnows here @bellyrub ! upvoted and resteem this for you!

blushes more you don't have to hide your face.

I love to be behind the lens ;)

Thank you that fixes a lot.

I'm happy that you are willing to help people. I'm just not comfortable at this time with the quality of my posts or chance losing some of earnings that I really struggled hard to get. Good luck to all those who do join. I'll check back to see who won.

I wouldn't know about that.

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