😂 @bluetechno!

The young ones are looking 👀 like "what WAS cash dad?" in the VERY NEAR future. 🤦‍♂️ 😂

I just wonder how long before the dollar goes into a museum.

Not that it's what I want get it. 😉 😂

I wrote an article about bitcoin and metcalfe's law. Sorry for posting it here but it's really helpful to understand. I am a Data Scientist student and I know how network science works. Metcalfe's law on network effects.

Thank you @bluetechno I really appreciate that and it's only gonna get better as I master my steeming skills.

Wait for my series #CryptoKungFu 🥋 & blockchain #MortalKombat! 🥊 😂


@BlueTechno never be sorry! 😂

That's why we're friends I appreciate you taking the time to visit me any time whether its questions or just good ol convo.

That being said, I did reach out to you in the same way right!?! 😃

I like keeping in touch with both old and new friends and I highly recommend my SteemIan friends check out your article. 😊

Wow, thank you so much @somealaskaguy Your profile is awesome, many fake profiles but yours is truly reliable and accurate to the point regarding every post you make.

Waiting for the #CryptoKungFu... :) Can't wait actually...

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