The Cat named Murano

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This time a funny case from real life, which ended very positive...

Once during some very cold winter period here (minus 10 degrees or something), I was driving my car (Nissan Murano) normally about half day and was starting to think if everything is good with my psychic, since always was hearing Miaaauuuuuu :D
Luckily everything was OK with my head, and that was just a small cat, who probably got under the engine the evening before when the engine was obviously still warm

That was an issue to get him out after all. Went to my friends garage and needed to rise the car to find this small creature from the bottom...
Since outside was very cold, the owner of garage (he is mainly on the photos) decided took him to home and named Murano :D

Enjoy this small reportage :)


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Wow! This kitten could have be dead there! But that’s really a big problem- cats tend to sit under the cars to get warm and then you start a car not knowing that they are there. In many cases cats are dead afterwards:( did you took this cat at home?

The garage owner took. Those blue eyes were just so perfect. In fact that wasn't even a simple street cat... some good blood was clearly visible :)

This is a great story and I am happy that your friend took the Murano home safe and sound!

Lets count that was 2nd life out of cat's 9 :D

Glad it turned out alright. That's actually a very common way that a lot of cats die.

Takoj klassnij kotik! Eto bila ego sudjba! Ina4e on bi ne vstretilsja so svoim pokrovitelem! 🐈

Mda.. koshara esche tot, riskoviy maliy :D

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What a wonderful outcome! I had a three legged cat who had lost a leg after getting tangled up with a fan belt when she was a kitten. You are a hero!

Nor really, cat jut had a lot of luck.. in fact ;)

Good for you. Really nice that you saved the little dude. Upvoted, resteemed and followed you ;) Checkout my devil here