A Quiet Turkish Morning on the Pier

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Akyaka, a small coastal resort town in southwest Turkey, where I stopped for a night. It was a very still early morning when nothing was breaking the soft silence, even the sea stood motionless as if expecting something to happen and kickstart the day.

LocationAkyaka, Turkey
SettingsISO 100 * f/9 * 1/80
CameraSony Alpha 5000
LensSony 3.5-5.6/16-50

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The red pointer on the Map indicates the approximate location of Akyaka in Turkey.

The small town of Akyaka, in southwestern Turkey, is located on the Azmak, the name of a short but deep stream that joins the sea at Akyaka. The Azmak Stream is formed from mountain springs and extends approximately two miles from East to West.

Here you can see the Azmak Stream...The word "azmak", which is sometimes used to describe the river, literally means "overflow" or "run wildly" in Turkish. Possibly in reference to the strong current of the Azmak.

Akyaka (It is known that the area is inhabited for about 2600 years), is with its forest-covered mountains, the crystals-clear rivers, which look just like an aquarium, the sea, the Forest-camp site, with its innumerable springs, its history and its additional wood-using buildings, a much-visited "tourist paradise". In short, Akyaka is a place to live. (http://www.akyaka.org/akyaka/idima/idima_eng.htm).

Akyaka: a place to enjoy!


Beautiful country!

Buena fotografia.

Hello, beautiful view, greetings @ nameless-berk

Beautifully place
One day i want yo visit @turky...
I loved this place

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