Colorchallenge: Tuesday Orange - on the Way to the Hottest Place on Earth

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This serenity I captured in a small desert village last year while heading to the Lut (a.k.a Dasht-e Lut) Desert, in Iran. The surface temperature there reaches over 70 degrees Celcius, which is, uhh, hot. I imagine one can easily fry an egg on one of the black stones scattered across Gandom Beryan, THE hottest spot due to those very stones absorbing the scorching shadeless sunlight.

LocationIran, Ziaratgah
SettingsISO 160 f/10 1/60
CameraSony Alpha 5000
LensSony 3.5-5.6/16-50

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The picture deceives you; because, at first sight, it seems that it corresponds to a land that has nothing to do with a people in a desertic environment ... you can see so much life on that avenue with those trees that at least indicate extreme temperatures.
By the way, the picture is spectacular.

Here, at the hottest point on the surface of planet Earth, those black stones scattered across Gandom Beryan, are volcanic rocks, which, being black, absorb the sun's rays and this causes the earth's surface to warm up to 70 degrees (by the way the source of this rock is a bit of a mystery as there are no volcanoes in vicinity). Although the temperature is very high, the humidity is practically non-existent, with what the sensation is burn us inside a furnace without sweating excessively.

A Persian story tells that many years ago, a caravan loaded with wheat had to leave the merchandise on the ground in this place. After a few days, other merchants crossed the same point and found the wheat completely toasted. This anecdote gave the place the name of Gandom Beryan, which in Farsi means "burnt wheat". Although it seems impossible, despite the extreme conditions there is life in this place. Science has identified a type of lizard, a sun spider, a grasshopper and a strange species of yellow bee that only appears in winter (Although most visitors say they have not seen any way of life in this place).



Hello nameless-berk. Incredible, 70 degrees Celsius! it is contrasting the serenity and beauty of the landscape of the village, with the warmth that awaits you in the Iranian desert of Lut. And I thought that the city of Maracaibo in Venezuela was hot? Excellent photography!

Hello, @ nameless-berk extraordinary photography, it is very beautiful, greetings

Excellent photo, designates calm, tranquility and peace, good post, greetings @nameless-berk

Wao, que imagen tan espectacular.


I sat down on this street and looked straight ahead and dreamed .. Very nice post!

so beautiful place.
love this photography.

WOW! your photography is amazing

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