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Inside an Iranian Sofreh-Khaneh, a traditional Persian restaurant and hookah (nargileh) house. I was taking a long-exposure photo as a curious child shyly peeked out from around a corner to stare at the weird foreigner with a camera.
Sofreh in Farci means a place for sitting, like those things with carpets and pillows that can be seen in the background. In Central Asia they call it Topchan.
Khaneh simply means "house".

LocationIran, Kerman
SettingsISO 100 f/10 2s
CameraSony Alpha 5000
LensSony 3.5-5.6/16-50

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Definitely, this is a very special photo; because, at first glance, the first thing you see is the large room with all its decoration and details; but, suddenly, when you check the lower right, you detect that child, as you well say, with that shy look and full of "curiosity". Curiosity is a natural behavior, which is the starting point of living beings, and especially children, to meet their needs for exploration, research and learning. Very good for that child!

Traditional Iranian restaurants are quite cozy. If after hours of working or slong wandering about the country and need to get some rest, one of the best choices you'd make in order to refresh and recreate would be having a delicious food and going to one of these Iranian traditional restaurants called Sofreh-khaneh or dining-room. Drinking a cup of tea with a saffron-based rock candy on the carpet-covered wooden beds of the traditional dining room can take all the exhaustion away. Now, you can choose a dish among various types of kebab, Dizi or mashed meat and potato, eggplant stew, eggplant curd along with various kinds of olive, pickles, and local ayran and have them while you enjoy listening to the Iranian traditional music.

Try smoking hookah (nargileh) or shisha: In most traditional dining rooms, there is usually hookah, nargila, or shisha served too. If you have enough time, it would amount to an unforgettable experience to try smoking one after having the meal and drinking tea. Of course, you need to keep in mind that hookah is like smoking and damages one's health and even can lower your blood pressure.


Hookah is actually one of my most favorite leisure. Nothing better than a dense smoke scrolling out :) I like kafeer tobacco from arabia. Well, apart from hookah, this kids peek was a nice capture

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so beautiful.
good job dear.

Hello nameless-berk. Tremendous photography that captures the beautiful colors of that Iranian restaurant. The child transmits innocence and curiosity at the same time. regards

Beautiful place, I like the decoration, and the child looks with innocent look and curiosity, which is innate in children, greetings @ nameless-berk

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