Mother Nature - a Siberian Mountain Lake

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A picture from the lake Nizhneye Mul'tinskoye somewhere in Altai Mountains, South Siberia, Russia. Exactly 11 months ago I was in the middle of a hitchhiking trip to these places with a friend of mine. Here's one of the few pictures that turned out good even while taken with a phone. Just to get to the lake we had to board a military transport vehicle, that can get through wet and deep mud covering much of the way up from the village of Multa. Boy, was that a bumpy ride... totally worth it, though.

LocationRussia, Altai Republic
CameraSamsung Galaxy J7

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Of course it was worth it, the photo reveals a beautiful landscape around this lake.
Here, in this picture we see how complicated it must be to get from Multa to the Lake ... you can see mountain atmosphere everywhere.

Next to Lake Nizhneye Mul'tinskoye, there is another mountain lake, Lake Srednemeltinskoe (Srednemul'tinskoye Ozero)

Definitely landscapes and visits that are priceless:

Lake Nizhneye Mul'tinskoye in winter.


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