Psychedelic Design of a Mosque Ceiling

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Ever since the trip to Iran, I pay special attention to the interiors of mosques, especially ceilings. They are always wonderful and special, covered in intricate patterns and vivid tiles, carefully laid by hand. I can't really imagine the effort and skill required to produce the colorful angled surface like that, where shape and shade intertwine to create a picture unique for this specific time and lighting. I'm not a fan of Islam, to be clear, but it doesn't make mosques any less amazing from the aesthetic perspective.

LocationIran, Shiraz
SettingsISO 320 f/10 1/60
CameraSony Alpha 5000
LensSony 3.5-5.6/16-50

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In general, the sites that host the different religious tendencies, throughout history have been places that show an extremely good and careful architectural and artistic quality, which is able to keep their followers trapped or to capture a greater number of followers. Religions have always been one of the great powers around the world, for the large number of followers they have, and as such they have spared no effort and investments to achieve great architectural and artistic works; for example, also observe those great religious temples that exist in Italy, which are also extraordinary architectural works and a very large source of artistic works, both in sculpture and in painting:

One example is the Capilla Sixtina, located in Vatican City, which houses the work "The Last Judgment" by the famous artist Miguel Àngel, which was commissioned by Pope Julius II ... In fact, this Chapel was declared a World Heritage Site. Humanity on the part of Unesco.
Now Islamic architecture, is a broad term that groups the artistic styles of Islamic culture from the time of Muhammad until today, The main types of construction of Islamic architecture are: the mosque, the tomb, the palace and the fort ; although minor buildings were also highlighted, such as public baths, fountains and domestic architecture. It is said that the column, the arch and the dome are the "trinity" of Islamic architecture, since the three together are characteristics that give beauty and originality (this can be seen in the number of images that you have presented us of various sites that you have visited in these regions).

I think the mosque (which means place of worship), which you present in your photo is the Mesir Nasir ol Molk (in Shiraz), which has an extensive surface of colored glass on the facade, along with other traditional elements such as design Panj Kāse ("five concaves"). It is popularly known as the Mosque Rosa, as this is the color of the tiles inside:

Mesir Nasir ol Molk

There are two other mosques in Shiraz: Shah Cheragh and Atigh Jame '.

Shah Cheragh Mosque

In short, the images of the ceilings of the mosques show how important mathematics and geometry were in the Islamic architecture of the Arab world and more places. The repetition of perfect spirals and geometric shapes are reminiscent of the intricate mandalas that are also found in Buddhist art.

Iran is known for its extraordinary collection of amazing mosques.


woah... that is effin amazing... do you have more shots from this place?

Hello, @ nameless-berk, they are very beautiful historical structures, with fascinating and incredible designs, regards

Hello, @ nameless-berk, these ceilings dazzle for their beauty and elegance, personally I think it is one of the most beautiful architectures in the world, regards

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