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A  unique ecosystem, in the field of personal care services, which offers  service providers a unique solution that integrates the platform and  applications for contacts, as well as, through flyBOX, all necessary  equipment and supplies.

Professionals  can satisfy the demand of their customers without limitations of  initial investments and without intermediary in an autonomous and unique  ecosystem, finally eliminating the shortcomings of such services. The  flyCARE platform directly connects local service providers and  consumers, and, working on the basis of smart contracts, provides secure  transactions and a fair valuation. 

This  ecosystem includes many stakeholders (consumers, care professionals,  manufacturers and distributors) who will use this innovative solution  based on block technology, as it simultaneously responds to the real  need for personal service professions, customers, manufacturers facing recurring problems of lack of financing in the field of care.

flyCARE  aspires primarily to support and improve the development of care  professions, to coordinate them with all public opinion polls and  socio-economic trends.

Functional platform. 

 • Flybox -  with the help of health professionals flyCARE offers a revolutionary  module for the equipment required to visit a home at the home of a  practitioner
• FlyCARE application - the application  (FlyPro and HappyFly) is synchronized with the digital health ecosystem,  which acts as a contact portal for patients recognized and verified by  doctors on the flyCARE token
• FlyCARE - the flyCARE token (FCC) is a means of paying for transactions between users seeking home health care services. 

The medical personnel are provided with the flyBox module to increase the mobility of the services offered while on the move. The  turnkey solution will consist of revolutionary equipment and medical  equipment designed to provide a completely mobile device for health.

Patients seeking medical services are able to contact practitioners via the flyCARE platform and payments in the FCC token. flyCARE also guarantees that the terms of service will be met until the debt is repaid. 

 Platform Advantages

•  Integrity - with FCC tokens there is an unauthorized access to  transaction logging between users, providing a new level of payment  tracking
•  Automatic verification - flyCARE automatically checks and verifies the  terms of each service contract to ensure that the conditions become a  reality
• The use of clever agreements does not leave room for user fraud, reducing the likelihood of counterfeiting
•  Transparency and accuracy provided by the blockbuster will not leave  room for errors in transactions, calculations and associations.
• Flawless design and hygiene of flyBOX facilitate a user-friendly module for physicians to use while driving.
• Ongoing development through flyCARE, working in cooperation with medical equipment and small equipment suppliers

The project team

The  project has a strong and highly qualified team, which in my opinion is  able to bring the project to the highest level in the shortest possible  time and I hope they succeed. 

The team includes large specialists from various industries with many years of experience. With  key participants you can see on the official website, there you will  also find links to their personal accounts in social networks.

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Information on the token:
• Symbol - FCC
• Platform - Ethereum
• Accepted currencies - ETH
• The price for the token is 1 FCC = 0.2 EUR
• Total issue - 200,000,000
• Hard Cap - 26 million USD
• Soft Cap - 1 Million USD
• ICO Sale- 65%
• Reserve fund - 25%
• Team and advisers - 10% 


This is exactly the direction where huge changes and innovations are taking place now. In a couple of years, the industry can change dramatically and this is absolutely logical and correct. We need to support such projects and monitor their development. Let's wish good luck to the developers and together we will make our world better! 


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