I got no best friends, except my wife

in #best2 years ago

Not my ex pastor; I had two ex pastors. One of my ex pastors was a friend. And he was very smart. We both worked with corporate Bitches 13 years; they wanted him.
He stayed single; I was married. He married none of them.
They swooned over him. They gave me hell.
I have a great, personal injury friend in Tampa.
He gives great advice. He is so secular. No one Fucks with him.
Blessed is the man who walks not in the counsel of the ungodly.
The guy who got me my last job. He got laid off. But I can't tell him everything. He's still in contact with current coworkers. There's some things my coworkers cannot know, so I can't tell him everything.
Then there's the Mortician who prepared my dad's body.
We were in seventh grade together.
He took pressure off my head, explaining how my mother's affairs were in order. For $450 I could ship her body to Florida, where he could be her Mortician also. He's not my best friend either.find
And my wife has her own best friend, who is not me.