Competition - The Challenge Of a Best Smile ( The Prize Is 30 SBD ) - 7 Days - Day #5 - The Registration Is In Progress

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So beautiful <3 Smiles can heal the world. This contest is gret. Resteemed and smiled <3

Neuseeland u Australien 2551.JPG


Thisi is amazing smile

I pray that I would win. Yay! <3

wish you best of luck for it.
but i,m going to win :P

Oh well. rolls eyes* hahahahah
Best of luck for you too.

thanks a lot dear. did you wish from heart or just wish me to make me happy for a time being


I got you on the follow and I'll resteem this for ya.

Looking forward to casting my vote.


youngest in steemit ,@dobartim

everyone is beautiful

Nice master

whoooooo! I honestly want to participate but my steem power has gone down and I cant vote . So will be short on upvote but I am your follower. And almost every post I read from you. But there is no harm to try at least.. So putting my picture.

By the way this is #Pakistan and #India border

image should be your own.

This is the most wonderful challenge I've seen on Steem @dobartim !! Can we compete more than once ???

only love can give you the most beautiful smile. thanks @dobartim
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Nice to see so many people getting involved in a challenge, keep it up guys !