In the present world, people are now running behind money.

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Writing begins to convey deep gratitude to my heart. It's been a long time, friends, and many others, including myself, have been writing on this platform regularly. By writing here regularly, our experience is expanding. So I will always write here now. And in his continuation, I am still writing something today. One of the most important tasks in human life is to make money. Making money is a profession that a person can earn money from. The profession can be mainly of two types: 1. Job 2 Business.
In our society now, we are almost ready to get a job. And that job is the BCS cadre; It is as if the wonder lamp of Aladdin, which will remove all our sorrow, will make all the difficulties of life subside. For many, the job has become the ultimate wish of life. People are naturally enjoyable.
To survive in the society, it needs respect, money, social status, power, security, etc. And for all these infinite akshaks, a student wants to become a BCS cadre. But even after trying with the last blood point of life, many are not able to reach the desired goal. The rest of this life is spent in frustration for many.
Friends, I'm just finishing up today's writing. Since I write regularly every day, I will not increase my writing today. In the next post, I will show you something new. Then there will be a little new experience.


And for all these infinite akshaks, a student wants to become a BCS cadre.

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