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After getting up early in the morning and freshening up, I had a cup of milk with bread and pure honey . After that I dressed up and got ready for duty. I participated in the morning LID as usual.
Later i sent few of my employees to BSF ( Border security force) canteen to get some cosmetic items etc. On BSF canteen, near about 30 percent discount is given on cosmetics. It is because, they are not subjected to tax that general public is paying. I believe they deserve it. I couldn't pay visit to canteen myself . As I was on duty, my employees brought certain items for me, for which I had to pay 500INR . Had I bought these items in market, I would have to be 800 Indian rupees. Isn't it huge discount?
I asked them to get a kettle and a mug for me. But they didn't as it was not available there.
Initially they were not allowed to enter as per covid 19 protocol, BSF don't allow outsiders. So they informed me of the same and i called medical officee in their hospital, as he is my friend, so he made their entry possible.

IMG-20201202-WA0028.jpg Poltical meeting

After duty, i accompanied my sister to a meeting meant in context of election. I myself don't enter any meeting as i am govt employee and cannot take part in any political activity. However, i have to play my role as a brother. I do provide feedbacks and suggestions.
We are having two groups of people at work, one group uses brain power and other one uses manpower. I belong to first one. We make strategies /proposals for later to put to work.

So both the groups are equally important. Isn't it?

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