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        Hello @steemitblog my name is Erick Youssif and I would like to apply as a curator of the project a better life with steemit, this time I will show my top 10 of the posts published with #craftycontent and my reasons why they should be curated

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Commitment to A better Life With Steem

        For me it is very important to create a community, and by this I mean to form a bond where we can all help each other in order to make this project grow.

        It is essential that all steemit members who use the #betterlife tag commit to its purpose, the idea is simple: promote A better life with steem through comments, suggestions, doubts and debates in the publications, which help to incentivize users to continue publishing high-quality content

        If we do not create a joint motivation, many users will stop publishing, since in their minds they will say that their post is not interesting. This is why I encourage you to continue publishing and interacting with each other because the success of the project depends on that.

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1 @lisbettvcc

        An excellent game you can create to educate and play with your children, very original

2 @venturabogarin

        The elaboration of a mat for the car, very original and colorful, it also protects the car from the sun

3 @saracampero

        If you would like to have a strawberry-shaped bag, this post is the one for you, all very well explained

4 @carmenrequena

        Animal shaped pillows, you can follow the step by step and make one for your children.

5 @beida

        Learn how to recycle bags and combine them in a very useful case

6 @yurimar

        Make a beautiful necklace using old blue jeans, very original and beautiful

7 @luzdelvalle

        A very original idea with recyclable materials to make a toy for your children

8 @marytp30

        Learn how to make a butterfly with specialized techniques to obtain a beautiful ornament

9 @karianaporras

        Learn how to make beautiful pencil-shaped pencil cases in this post, very original and with recycled materials

10 @crisvera

        Create a beautiful pillow for your baby, portable and comfortable


        A better life with steem is a project where you are invited to tell positive things that you are doing to improve your life.
        Get excited and start telling your stories remember that you have to use the tag #betterlife together with the category of your preference #craftycontent and the country from where You publish #venezuela.


        A warm greating to @steemitblog @steemcurator01 @steemcurator02 I look forward to joining your team of curators

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