Why I would make a good curator for "A BETTER LIFE WITH STEEM PROJECT"

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          Hello @steemitblog my name is Erick Youssif, I am 30-year-old Venezuelan, graduated in physiotherapy, sculptor, university teacher and lover of handicrafts especially carved in fruits and vegetables


How did I get to steemit?

          Years ago one of my students at the university told me about a social network where I could upload my classes and be supported by communities, at that time I joined a community called @steemstem and @ stem-español where I published scientific content weekly and it was rewarded.

Why don't I have Steem Power?

          Regretting it a lot when I was at the best moment publishing and making community, my mother sick with cancer .....

          Here in Venezuela it is very difficult to live economically and even more so with a disease of this type. My mom was consuming a lot of my time, I had to take double shifts at work and work overtime to get money since I couldn't get health insurance. I had no choice but to power down because I was in need of it and my mom needed the money

          Unfortunately my mom died and I was away from steemit for a while Now, I want to return and with all the energy to continue publishing but I would like to publish something that I am passionate about and I have not shown you much, which is the carving of fruits and vegetables, I love to do that in my free time and it helps me to liberate my mind of stress, and what better place to share it than steemit. I joined the WORLD OF XPILAR community and have started posting my art with them. I really liked how they received me and they have helped me to reintegrate myself back to steemit with my passion for art.

Here I show some of My creations






          I am planning in the future to organize master classes where I teach people to carve and can also hold carving contests

          I would love to be a country representative for many reasons, but this application that I write for you is because I would like to be a member of your curator team of the project "A BETTER LIFE WITH STEEM" especially of # craftycontent

          I really like the idea of ​​being part of not only publishing but also helping to find quality content that deserves the support of @steemcurator01 and @steemcurator02

           I have already started part of the curation project on my part and I have made some posts with my top 10 in several of the # here are the examples.





          I want steemit to be formally part of my time and effort, being part of your team I know you will not see activity on my blog lately because I was away, but I want to start with all my strength and I promise to be a faithful member and help in whatever way I can.

          I would like to curate the content of # craftycontent or any other because I know from my own experience that doing something with your hands takes time, effort and dedication. And when you are rewarded and supported by communities it gives you more enthusiasm to keep doing it.

          There are many creations that, in addition to training users, are very useful and teach things that may be of importance in your life. It would be gratifying to be able to help find this type of content for you and show you, quality and commitment to the creations, in addition to me also continuing to create for the community.

          I hope I can apply as a curator and be part of the A BETTER LIFE WITH STEEM project I await your response thank you very much