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I wanted to go visit my mother again for New Years, but I got a fever so I decided against it, you know with Covid making the rounds I wouldn't want to expose my mother toit, turns out the fever was because I ate two pounds of chocolate I bought at Walmart on a sale and I hid and ate it all, that fixed me up. But yesterday I was OK, so I had a good years end. My son and my daughter left home at eight, my son to his girlfriend's house and my daughter to a sleep over at a friends house, so I just dressed myself up for sleep at around eight thirty, had my lap top on and started reading Angels and Demons by Dan Brown, but then things started happening. First my stepson came with his family and brought me food, after this my sister in law came by and brought me food, then two neighbors came along and brought me more food.

I usually eat on an if there is food basis I eat it so at ten I was stuffed I had to throw up, I mean I had to make space for some cake and my three liter bottle of Coca Cola. Then my son came at 12:30 and his girlfriend sent me more food, my fridge is full of gifted food, well I will eat it today. At midnight I went out to take pictures of the fireworks, with my new phone I thought I would do wonders, the only one that came out clear was this one and it isn't much.


Anyway at midnight I took two sleeping pills because I expected to sleep until at least 11:00 today, but my son went out again and I couldn't get to sleep until he came back at 3:30, and of course I woke up at 6:00 am, I feel all drowsy and kind of stupid right now. In any case I did some chores around the house and at eight thirty decided to go play some video poker, the place is closed, damn, so I took a cab to the pool parlour and found the owner with a terrible hangover and crying because he lost the keys to his business, so here I am with nothing to do, some way to start a new year.

Still I am going out for a walk again as I turned my walking app off and don't know how many steps I have made, the one thing that makes me happy is that last night at eight thirty I managed 15 years without drinking alcohol.