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After about 24 hours of intermittent rain it turned into constant hard rain on very early Tuesday morning, I was awake when it started raining harder somewhere around 2:00 am, incredibly I did sleep well after that and didn't wake up till around 10:00 am. I immediately got up and as soon as there was a clearing I walked out to see how things were going, well as you can guess what we had was flooded streets so I wet my feet which is one thing I hate.

It started raining lightly when I was out in the street so I ran back home only to have it stop as soon as I got here. I was already wet so my son asked to go to the supermarket to buy some stuff we couldn't find at Walmart, so I did go. This supermarket is some ten blocks from my house, I walked it bought my stuff and again the rain caught me while I was walking back home. I didn't go out again after that. Somehow the owners made their employees work with a hurricane going on, sure it was good for me but those employees sure have bad bosses.

I was seeing nothing out of the usual just a lot of rain but I have seen worse. But then around 6:00 pm we started getting tropical storm force winds and a lot of rain, I really was expecting to see some roofs flying, but it seems not may homes were damaged around here. We had an energy blackout from 7:30 pm last night until 10:00 am today, it seems one of the towers fell. So last night I was without any sort of communication, luckily it was cold so I again slept well.

Today the storm is gone there is nothing to prove it passed by except for a lot of trees and branches on the streets. Other parts of the country were hit harder, exactly the places that were most severely damaged by Eta, so I do guess the losses will be huge, well we have to get this country back up again. At least we are for the moment not menaced by any storm as the one that was forming in the Western Caribbean seems to be going south, that could be a problem for Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama and Colombia.

We did have a strange occurrence last night, my son who was in the corner with some friends came back and told me the sky had lighted up with all kinds of colors, so I turned on a local news channel and just in time as they were showing a video of this, they have so far come up with two explanations for this, one is that it was an explosion caused by a 138,000 volt line, the other is that it was St. Elmo's fire a rare atmospheric phenomenon. In any case I had never seen anything like it, unfortunately I didn't see it in person.


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