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In the early hours of the monsoon season, there is a lot of talk about Kadam flowers among poets and writers and between nature lovers. Writing is the story of poetry and rhyme. Kadam flower in the rainy season has set a unique example. Intoxicated by the beauty of Kadam flower, he created the hypnotic story of Kadam flower by pouring passionate love.

Just as I have many memories of Kadam flower in my childhood and adolescence, I have come to know various information about Kadam flower at this time. Just as the rain comes with the purity of the needle in nature, as the ornament of the rain, the Kadam flower in its own glory matches itself with all the beauty. Kadamba or Kadam flower by whatever name it is called, other flowers do not have so many names in the rainy season.

I was surprised to know the medicinal use of the bark of the Kadam flower as I had talked about the Kadam flower soaked in the pouring rain. In the rainy season, we used to separate the petals of Kadam flowers and sprinkle them on each other.

Kadam flower brings the message of arrival of monsoon. Kadam is like a messenger of rain! Kadam's relationship with Ashar is intense. Usually the footsteps appear in the first rain of Ashar. Kadam flowers cover a large part of ancient literature. The round white-yellow flower looks like a small ball. This combination of flowers occurs throughout the tree. That moment is a wonderful beauty.

When the rains come around, another guest is seen in the trees to be his companion. To reduce the severity of summer, when the smell of various fruits including mango and jam is around the mouth, then the arrival of Kadam flower, the companion of rain, occurs.

My #steem friends have written a lot of tarahura. If I make a mistake in writing, please forgive me. Thanks so much for reading the post. All will be well.

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