Giving Vaccine Shot to Fight Against Covid-19 Pandemic

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Today I am acting as a vaccinator of Covid-19 Vaccine in my district. It’s the first day to give the vaccine for the leaders of our district and healthcare providers who work in hospital and in the fields. We did the vaccination in our local hospital of Bener Meriah District of Aceh Province, Indonesia. There are hundreds of beneficiaries who got the vaccine shot today. I did for some of them. It’s not a natural way to fight Covid-19, but vaccination is very important for us.


All the beneficiaries were screened out. We didn’t give the vaccine for a person who has hypertension, diabetes, renal disease, heart disease, or has flu like symptoms. After having the vaccine, they must stay there for about 30 minutes to observe if they have some side effects or not. Fortunately, none of them to have side effects of the vaccination.


The vaccine given is CoronaVac which is produced by Sinovac Biotech Ltd. The vaccine has passed phase 3 trial conducted in four countries: Turkey, Brazil, Indonesia, and Chile.

The phase III trials conducted in Brazil and Turkey evaluated the efficacy of the vaccine candidate in healthcare workers who provide treatment to COVID-19 patients. Both trial studies were randomized, double-blind, and placebo-controlled. The two trials shared the same primary endpoint of an efficacy rate 14 days after the vaccination with either vaccine candidate or placebo.Source


The Sinovac Vaccine has also gained halal certificate by Indonesian Ulema Council. So I think, the vaccine is good to have since it’s safe and halal. For sure, it’s nothing to be afraid of.


So, today is the first day to have Covid-19 Vaccine shot in our district. I hope more beneficiaries to have vaccination though there are some of them must be excluded since they have metabolic and lung diseases.


We have a great team. I am really grateful to have them. For sure, we are (healthcare workers) in front line to fight against Corona Virus Disease. It’s really a hard work for us, but I believe we can do it although we still don’t know when the pandemic exactly disappear. We really need a strong support from any party.


Hopefully, all global population may get the Covid-19 vaccine. It is expected that all people will have strong antibody to prevent Covid-19 infection. It’s really not easy to do mass vaccination. We need time and pretty high cost. Some governments may provide free vaccination for their people. However, I am sure not every government is able to afford the vaccine for all population of a country.

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