BET ON IT - Game #1 (Oct,7)

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Games Rules

  • The person who guesses the correct amount, wins 100% SBD or STEEM from this blog post.
    *If no one guesses the correct amount, the closest number rounding down will win 50% SBD or STEEM from this blog post.
  • The blog post were betting on will start after this game.
  • Reblog this post and receive 0.01 STEEM
  • One try per person
  • Game last only for 24 hours

Lets Play...

*Playing for STEEM
Guess the exact amount of STEEM for the Author Reward payout for :

Daily payouts leaderboards, October 7 by @masteryoda

Powered by @bola


You haven't been flagged yet running this sort of operation? Good on ya.


09.78 - Resteeemed


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$7.77 resteemd

5.1 resteemed

15 rebloged

Just an FYI PSA for anyone interested in more ways to earn Steem in sports based contests.

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