Meet NEO (Formerly Antshares)

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Have you ever heard of a cryptocurrency called Antshares? Well guess what... It's now called NEO.

According to a recent article today published on Bitcoinist the rebranding went into effect today, July 25, 2017 and the blockchain formerly known as Antshares will forever more be known as NEO: Smart Economy.

In addition according to the article:

Da Hongfei, the founder of NEO, also announced that NEO will be partnering up with certificate authorities of China, in order bring real-world assets to the next level, by integrating them with smart-contracts.

Ethereum has a big competitor in NEO and here is why...

NEO’s core developer, Erik Zhang, revealed smart contracts 2.0, the next step of smart contracts. Ethereum based smart contracts use Ethereum’s own programming language, Solidity. NEO’s smart contracts 2.0 will use ordinary programming languages like Javascript, Go, Python etc. With this move, the NEO team is hoping to attract a wider audience of developers for potential NEO based applications. Another upcoming feature of the NEO platform will be the ‘Nest Fund’, similar to Ethereum’s ‘The DAO’, it will allow NEO users to create their own decentralized autonomous organizations.

Beyond the threat of smart contracts 2.0 are the partnerships NEO has made with Microsoft (also a member of Ethereum's partner network) and the fact that Microsoft is very close with this business venture can be seen in this statement:

Without a doubt, NEO’s most prominent partner is the software giant, Microsoft. Skrikanth Raju, Developer Experience & Evangelism and Chief Evangelist, Greater China Region, Microsoft, expressed his support for the NEO platform and even described OnChain as “One of the top 50 startup companies in China.”

What to expect from NEO

In the next few weeks and months we will most likely see NEO expanding their marketing campaign and reaching new milestones on their roadmap. Also expect them to be added to several new exchanges and according to their telegram feed they've even announced that Poloniex is soon to host their cryptocurrency on their platform.

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Wow, I cant wait for poloinex to add this to the exchange. I have been waiting sometime for this.

If anyone has any infomtion about the marketing campaign rollout or expected timeline for antshares/neo I would be greatly appriciative.

Im thinking NEO is one to buy and hold for a bit.

I've got a lot of faith in neo. Imagine if it explodes off in China and they really start running with it! I really think it could hit the $100 mark within a year if not sooner! Once this BIP91 is out of the way and the rebranding settles it will start rising, quickly.

Will have to make more research into this neo.
Thank you!

Nice info !

Wait what? What do you mean offer their currency. Isnt ANT already on Poloniex? If it is does that mean buying into Antshares wont secure NEO? Is that a total different coin?

ANS and ANT are different... Antshares trades as ANS. If you hold ANS it will be automatically converted to NEO in exchanges so nothing to fear.

Oh yeah right. Dont know why I wrote that. My bad, I meant ANS. Thanks for the info my friend. Almost though they were going to start a new coin

I'm really interested in NEO. Bought some ANS before the rebrand when I heard that the smart contracts can be written in multiple programming languages and then be parsed into NEO rather than Ethereum contracts which have to be written in Solidity.

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