FREE Crypto Faucets! Money on Your Phone With Zero Investment.

I found a hidden gem over the weekend and I must share it with the cryptocurrency lovers. Want free Dogecoins? Well, the idea seemed outlandish especially after I had a friend download a miner app that literally worked in airplane mode and withdrawals of the claimed earnings was impossible. Do your research on coinpot and check it out. The set-up is pretty quick and basic first set up coinpot then the additional faucets. You can claim as often as you want (from every 5 to every 15 minutes min) and while you won't mine 1 TH/s on your phone or average PC you will gain free Dash, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin. Instead of passing time playing games this is a great option especially with Bitfun where it pays to play. I'm averaging about 5 Dogecoins a day thus far and you can convert cryptos without a cost. Each faucet pays to your coinpot microwallet. Use my links and I'll gain some increases and will help you maximize your earnings with my tips. Check it out and tell me your experience.

Example Miner (My highest rate is 7 H/s)

Dash Faucet
Litecoin Faucet
Dogecoin Faucet
Bitcoin Faucet
Bitcoin Cash Faucet

Bonus Bitcoin