Steem Factory Mining Income Report - 5/19/2017 - Earned $150.39

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Here is the Steem Factory Mining Report for the week ending 5/19/2017. This report details the cryptocurrency mining statistics of our operation.

Weekly Mining Statistics - 5/19/2017

CoinAmount      USDTotal USD
Weekly Subtotal$150.39
Previous Subtotal$1056.65

What is Steem Factory?

For those of you not familiar with our project, Steem Factory is a small cryptocurrency mining operation. We are a community based project that donates rewards to the Steem community.


Supporters for this project can receive STEEMFACTORY tokens. This token has real value, as it is backed by our income producing mining operation.

In order to receive this token, you must have a Bitshares DEX account. If you don't have a DEX account, click here to create one.

To receive your STEEMFACTORY token(s), you must:

  1. Place your Bitshares DEX username in the comments
  2. Resteem this post
  3. Follow @steemfactory (if not done so previously)

Tokens will be distributed within 14 days of the publication date.
Note: You must complete steps 1 and 2 above for each report to be eligible.

Thanks @steemfactory

P.S. We are a proud member of @the50


DEX username: mitch-18
Resteeming now!



bitshares: virtual-growth ❤'s STEEMFACTORY :)
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Steem Factory Mining Income Report - 5/19/2017 - Earned $150.39 — Steemit… /

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BTS username : stranger27

I am still a bit at a loss in regards to cryptocurrency, but I am very interested in learning and I am getting there.

Are there some specific things you like to know about cryptocurrencies? Ask your questions here.

For now, I am coming along fine. I have found some good YouTube series to help me.

Perhaps you could tell me how, and with what currency I can mine..

If you dont have strong CPU or GPU nor ASIC and you still want to try to mine something, you can try Burst. It is proof of capacity coin and it does use your HDD - very innovative.

If I were starting today, I'd just buy the cryptocurrencies and trade them. But if you insist on mining, I'd mine a GPU based coin. Take a look at for the best coins to mine based on profitability and mining difficulty. Then make your decision. I currently mine in a pool and the pool site's name is


Thank you.


edge-888 ... cheers



User name: elma-landro

Good info...

Bitshare username

Dex username: mgbs

Thank you Steemfactory.

Welcome's hoping you will be feeling better soon.

Steemfactory is a winning idea.


That episode was about a month and a half ago. I've been doing well since. Thanks for your concern!

DEX username: silly-squirrel

Bitshares DEX username: hms818


thanks @steemfactory

how do I receive the tokens??

Is the bitshares dex the same as the open ledger?

Sorry for the late response. Yes, the bitshares dex is the same as I sent the token distribution out earlier this evening. Check your account.

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Madlen-Fox says thanks @steemfactory



Thanks, resteemed :)

dex: nouli 88

bitshares username: chain-dev

BTS DEX User: eyisus1


Very cool ... :)

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