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Alright, well, @yabapmatt and I have successfully launched two Steem Engine token based post promotion services in addition to the many STEEM and SBD based services that exist. Now it's time to start opening up post promotion to all Steem Engine token issuers.

Run a Post Promoter bot instance for your Steem Engine token!

Postpromoter is two things. It's an open-source codebase for a bidbot and it's the @postpromoter account which is such a bot itself. Until recently the software has only been able to work with STEEM and SBD, but now we have modified it to work with Steem Engine tokens as well! We have been successfully running two Post Promoter instances using Steem Engine tokens as a proof-of-concept for both Splinterlands and PAL/MSP.

@steemmonsters and @minnowsupport

Send DEC tokens with a a post url in the memo to @splinterlands and you can get a vote from @steemmonsters on it. Users can also delegate Steem Power to @steemmonsters and earn a portion of the DEC spent to promote posts in relation to their stake. As an added bonus, the DEC earned from the nearly 400k SP in the @steemmonsters account is also being distributed to the other delegators.

Send PAL tokens to @minnowsupport with a post url and you'll get a vote from @minnowsupport. @minnowsupport carries no palcoin balance so if you send a vote it will not effect what's trending on Palcoin earned by the bot is sent to bot delegators once a day.

Details & Costs

If you would like to set up your own Post Promoter voting bot that accepts a Steem Engine token, there will be a form to fill out on the website in the near future and it will cost a one-time setup fee of 1000 ENG. If you want to get a head start and get your bot running right away, you can send 1000 ENG to @steem-eng and DM @aggroed the following information:

  1. The name of the Steem account that will be used
  2. Which Steem Engine token you would like to accept
  3. What should happen with the tokens earned from the SP in the bot account itself

Additionally, you will need to either provide both the posting and active keys to the account, or you can grant posting and active authority to the @postpromoter to act on your behalf (aggroed can help with that).

The bot will automatically charge 5% of the total tokens collected as its fee on an ongoing basis.

Why do this? Token utility/sinks

If you have a central account with some steem power that can now be used to transfer votes you have the ability to give your token more utility. Essentially it's converting your token into STEEM and visibility.

Accounts used as a voting bot will earn SP from curation rewards over time. A bot owner can either earn tokens with it, pay those tokens out to other delegators, or send tokens earned from it to @null, which creates a sink for the token.

People with extra Steem Power that want to delegate to your project can now use this to passively collect tokens at market rates.


The bot will have default settings of +/- 10% ROI based on the current market rates of both the Steem Engine token being used and STEEM. If the Steem Engine token does not have enough liquidity for accurate price discovery then a fixed price can be set in either STEEM or USD. Bids that are too large or small will be refunded and if the round is full then any additional bids will be pushed to the next round. If that round is full they will be refunded as well.

The bot will also automatically use the Global Blacklist API created by @themarkymark so that anyone who has been caught spamming, scamming, or plagiarizing in the past will be unable to use the service. If you want to add other accounts to the blacklist for your bot, you can "mute" them from the bot account.

Steem Bot Tracker Listing

These steem-engine token bots will also be listed on the website. You'll be able to track their voting timing and degree their bid window is filled there.


I was chatting with @clove71 the other day in the comment section of a topic and we were saying how Steem-Monsters (Splinterlands) isn't just a game anymore but its turning into an Empire. Yous have created many different ways to earn on the Steem Blockchain, I look forward to seeing where all this leads.

Dang now that is hot!

One question what URL should we be sending to the bot?
I would guess minnowsupport would be the link
Is the steemmonsters one the link or does it not matter ?

i don't like your this step. why you inviting people to loss their money in bid bots ? very disappointed

you'll become zillionaires

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Oh noooooo, anything but that! Not the bidbots here too, and weed-cash, there goes the sharing of votes and rewards again. Didn't you learn anything from the last disaster? Oh well I guess if it was not you somebody else would do it! Now bernie can start buying whale votes here too! great?? Everybody just going to get greedy again and promote their own posts over and over and over again?????? Not me, I will never touch a bid bot ever!! How are they going to make us improve our writing ability if we just give ourself false rewards?? There you go, you earned my very first ever PALNET flag flip-out! Good Job!

So much for these communities? Not sure what the long term implications will be. Today started out so well until i stumbled upon your post! This changes everything!!! lol

Thanks! Looks awesome

🙈 but with the 50/50 payout it isn't readable to run a bot right? I would like to run a bot that give votes away to their followers all they have to do is give a vote once a day. To help those minnows. In the future... 😉 well I'm running a witness so it could be on there also after the trail period is over with my first block mined. 🙈 didn't witness a block in a year yes10 misses so I stopped and began again now with A fresh server.

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@aggroed is Just an AMAZING GENIUS. Thank You Young Man........

Do you guys every stop giving us things to try and rave about? I hope not! You guys really are epic

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