PTBOT - How to send a BID to @ptbot?

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@ptbot, is the first bid-bot created by a Portuguese team, who think that using bid-bot is a way to make their posts more visible. From this perspective, using @pbot will never give you a negative return, so it has a minimum ROI of 5%.


How to have a vote from @ptbot?

There are 3 ways that bids can be sent.

1 - Bid submission via website steembottracker


When you click send bid, a popup appears where you can transfer a bid in SBD or STEEM.


Click in "Check and Submit".

2- Make the transfer from your wallet


In the popup fill in the following values:

  • TO: ptbot
  • AMOUNT: Between 0.020 to 0.080 SBD/STEEM
  • MEMO: The URL of the post you want to get voted by @ptbot


Finally click on the "Submit".

3 - WebSite

Screen Shot 2018-10-09 at 22.38.57.png


  • Minimum Bid: 0.020 SBD / STEEM
  • Maximum Bid: 0.100 SBD / STEEM
  • Accepted currencies: SBD / STEEM
  • Minimum Post Age: 20 minutes
  • Maximum Post Age: 3.5 Days
  • Allows Comments: No
  • Refunds: Yes


  • If the link is invalid
  • If the bid is less than 0.020 SBD / STEEM or greater than 0.100 SBD / STEEM
  • If you post a post more than 3.5 days


Delegations to @ptbot

If you want to delegate to @ptbot just click on one of these links:
10SP, 25SP, 50SP, 100SP, 250SP, 500SP, 1000SP, 5000SP
@ptbot distribute daily 100% profit share from bids between all delegator.
Payout is distributed in proportion with amount of the SP delegation by each one.
Example: If @ptbot have a total of 10000 SP, an 1000SP delegation will receive 10% of profit share from bids.



If you have questions about something you have a support team at Discord.



We remind you that when you use our upvote services you will always win because @ptbot offers profitability up to 20%.


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Regards from ptbot team