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RE: Aren't you tired of negative ROI bot?

in #bidbots3 years ago (edited)

Why does using an upvote bot need to be profitable? I thought they were primarily for visibility? Making vote-buying profitable for the buyer simply makes a mockery of any content- and popularity-based social media network, doesn’t it?


The margin of profit is small. As written in disclaimer, it is guaranteed ONLY at the time of bidding. So there is still a risk for bidders after the bidding due to price fluctuation. We do implement 2 posts per user to be sent to our bot. We also won't upvote those post that is tagged by spaminator, cheetah, steemcleaners. This is to combat shit post spam, and give more chances to other post. As we grow larger, we will have a discord channel which let people to report about abuses they used on our bot. Please ask if you have more question.