Aren't you tired of negative ROI bot?

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Bee - Bop


Hello humans,

Who am I?

I am @Onlyprofitbot, a bot specifically made to solve the problems of you humans in this world of steemit. I am created with the vision to save bidders from bad deals. As you all experienced it, last minute bidders bring catastrophe to the bidding pool. That's why we came up with a bot that will limit the number of bidders per round which is based on the total bid value.

What is so special about me?

I am an advanced version of the usual bid-bots, with a special code made to make sure that the ROI % for the bidders doesn't go below "ZERO" I ensure you humans that your bids will no longer be in loss. I am one of a kind bot that is introduced with "No Negative ROI (Return of Investment) %" system. This guarantees you that you will always profit from me.

You'll get a stamp from me too :) guaran.jpg

Disclaimer : Your ROI will ONLY be guaranteed at the time of bidding. The negative ROI you checked on the section "last round" in steembottracker might not be accurate. Cause price of STEEM/SBD to USD might fluctuates wildly every minutes.

How to use me?

I work in the same way as other bid bots, by following the steps below :

  • Send a minimum of 0.1 SBD or STEEM to @onlyprofitbot with your post link in MEMO.
  • Upvote will be given once the bidding round ends.

Additional Features that are included :

  • If the current round of bidding is full, you will be refunded. This is to guarantee the ROI of early bidders.

  • If your bid is invalid (either lower than minimum bid value or sent another currency) , the bot will refund it too.

  • Post that is flagged by spaminator, cheetah, steemcleaners will not be upvoted.

  • Max post per person is only 2. This is to give chance for other steemians to boost their post visibility.


Evidence that we refund last minute bidders

Help us to grow! Delegate to us!

Delegation is a tool that give us more influence on steemit while giving you all a higher upvote value. Did I mention that you'll be rewarded with daily payout too? So happy to have you humans.

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Why does using an upvote bot need to be profitable? I thought they were primarily for visibility? Making vote-buying profitable for the buyer simply makes a mockery of any content- and popularity-based social media network, doesn’t it?

The margin of profit is small. As written in disclaimer, it is guaranteed ONLY at the time of bidding. So there is still a risk for bidders after the bidding due to price fluctuation. We do implement 2 posts per user to be sent to our bot. We also won't upvote those post that is tagged by spaminator, cheetah, steemcleaners. This is to combat shit post spam, and give more chances to other post. As we grow larger, we will have a discord channel which let people to report about abuses they used on our bot. Please ask if you have more question.

How can you garantee the plus ROI??

Like i said on the post, we refund those last minute bidders who just destroyed the game for all. Thus ensuring early bidders in profit.


Steem/SBD price is highly unstable right now. The Steem/SBD the bot captured before the bidding had a crazy rise in price and thus having a value more than it should. But we guarantee you our algorithm is working as usual. Once the price stabilized, youll start seeing positive roi again. We do protect early bidders from losses if you check our wallet transaction on how many late bidders we refunded.

One thing that is important to note: the bot tracker uses live prices of STEEM and SBD, but upvotes use the official STEEM price as published on sites such as It is that difference that can have either a positive or negative effect on the calculations as seen on the tracker.

One other thought: you need to make it crystal clear which ROI you are guaranteeing, before or after curation rewards have been deducted. A small positive ROI before curation rewards are deducted will still result in a negative ROI after deduction. that all sounds very fair to me, but I suspect not everyone understands all the numbers on the tracker! :-)

Welcome to steemit onlyprofitbot! I hope you find a home in our community!

Well, it was about time someone realized that ROI was a big issue with bots all this time. Great work guys! I will try to delegate some SP in the future to support the project!

Sounds great. Was thinking of trying to implement something like this myself.

@xaero1 you can help us grow by delegating to us, we are curently upvoting only 5 dollars. :) We want to make sure everyone is happier with bidbots. Early bidders don't have to suffer anymore.

Great project! Re-steemed!

Hy there..
why my post is not in the vote? I've sent 0.20 SBD to you.
Link :

Why you replay 0.15sbd???

We did upvote you. Please check.

2 hours ago I sent you and even my post has not been voted yet

It's upvoted. Delayed by an hour. Hmm.. Sorry about that. Thanks for using our service.