The Money Tree - Let your money grow with us!

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Currently Offering 95% Payout to Delegators

Tired of trolls and other BS taking away from your earnings?

The trolls don't live near the trees!

Come Delegate to TheMoneyTree.

As STEEM and SBD rally in the next couple months, the payouts will grow immensely.

Earn on immediate payouts, great curation, and let your STEEM POWER work for you. TheMoneyTree is listed and approved on

Very easy plug and play Delegation here:

Quick Delegation Links, start getting paid today!

50SP - 100SP - 500SP

1000SP - 2500SP - 5000SP - 10000SP


All bot issues have been cleared up to this point. Please let me know if you made a payment and did not get a vote. Thank You for your Support!

2 days ago, I had done a bit of 0.05 SBD. (2 days ago Transfer 0.050 SBD to themoneytree
When do I get the vote?

My apologies, the bot was experiencing an issue, but still took your bid. I will give you a 100% vote for the troubles. Please keep supporting @themoneytree !

Thanks a Lot!

Why dont you vote my post. I transfer you 0.02

added your bot to the blacklist

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