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BigBets - The best Steem-based SportsBets service with huge prizes!


There has never been a better way to mulitply your earned SBD

What is" BigBets"?

BigBets is a Steem-Based betting service that comes with a great web interface to make bets on sports matches. The bets are paid with SBD and can be easily placed through our website.

At the moment, it's all about the worldcup of course! <3

How can I place my bet?

It's pretty easy. Here are the 4 steps you have to make:

  1. Visit our website
  2. Go to current bets and decide on which game you want to bet
  3. Fill in your tip, the amount you want to bet and your steem account
  4. Confirm the transaction and you are done! After a few minutes you will see your bet on the betting overview of the match you have bet on!

A guide through our website:

How much do I earn?

Compared to other betting services, we offer extremely high odds!

Just decide on which match you want to bet and enter your tip and amount.
On the website you will be immediately shown your current possible prize and odd.
So you can decide on which game you prefer to bet!

Each game has his own pool. This pool is fairly distributed among all winners. This makes our prizes extremely high!

Place your first bet now !

How do I get my prize?

When the game is finished and the result is listed on our website, all winners will get their prizes via a direct Steem transaction to their account which they used to place the bet.

Can I make several tips on one match to have a higher chance to win?

Yes you can. With the right strategy it will be hard to lose.. ;)

What happens if my transfer has any problems?

All wrong bets are immediately refunded, so don't be scared.
Either your bet is listed successfully or you will get all your funds back!

Let the betting begin!

It's time to place your first bet. The min. bet amount is 0.25 SBD, so don't be shy!

The WorldCup is hot! Let's bring huge profits and much fun together!


Also join us on Discord to get all news immediately and discuss about the best tips with other Steemians to build a huge community!


Earn save money on top? Become an affiliate partner!

Everyone is welcomed to start a cooperation with us! Just contact us on Discord and publish an article about our service or upload a youtube video!

You will earn 5% for every bet that your referred users place! Just generate your own affiliate link here !

Having fun and earning money at the same time, that's what we want to offer

Place your bet now!


Stay excited for our future, we will offer much more than soccer matches!

Tell us about your wishes on Discord!

Let's make Steem a better place together!


Love your work! Can you make some change on the result page so that we can see how much the winner took. Seeing how the prize distributed would be a great feature for us.

It's actually already implemented. Just go to the bottom of the result page. There you can see the Poolshare of the winners :)

What is the minimum amount for betting?

It's 0.25 SBD. Just check it out on our website :)

as much u can

Compared to other betting services, we offer extremely high odds!

You dont give odds so this is a false statement. You also only accept correct score betting . This service is actually a football pools as opposed to a betting service.
Finally, how exactly are you making money out of this, who are you that we should trust you with our sbd and how do you intend to fund affiliate payments ? No mention anywhere about fees or commissions, your website costs money to run.

I understand your Point. At first, we offer Odds. But they are only current Odds as it is written on our Website. So they may Change but the make it easier for you to understand how much you might win.
Our Project is funded by taking a Little part of the bets to pay affiliates and the Website.
So thank you for your Feedback and if you want to Support us improving our Project it would be great if you join our discord Server :)

i like your project It's so much beneficiary project and can be easily viral... Go ahead ...

Thank you very much! :) It's time for you to multiply your SBD ;)

Which country it supports ??

At the Moment all countries :)

Let us all unite to make steem reach its true value

That's the plan! :)

I will try. what will be initial amount entered in this bet.

The min. bet amount is 0.25 SBD :) But the more you bet, the more you get ;)

want to join on minimum amount ,what is min amount?

Minimum is 0.25 SBD. Just place your bet on our website

ok wil bet but where
plz give me link to beting section

Wow! I love it! I bet 1:2 on Uruguay vs France. What do you think guys? Hopefully I am going to turn 0.25 SBD to 5. This would be great <3

la la la la la, la la la,,,,

i like your project but what about the security of our SBD

It's fully save. Everything is shown on our Website and any wrong bets are immediately refunded. Just check out our Transfer history for proof :)

Good idea, a good project, a welcome addition to the use cases of steem as a crypto. Keep it coming.

Fantastic work with this one, kudos

awesome... nice way to spread own business

I love this project... It makes slot of sense and I bet it with you this will draw more people to steem..gracia for the opportunity

Yes I am excited as well:)

I am not use betting platform but i Wise grow you betting platform I am visit you website

Hi seems like a cool idea. Will be joining sorry not on discord, please consider European football leagues starting soon and the NBA which will be starting soon aswell

I am sorry but we currently have website problems... will be fixed soon

Problem should be fixed! You can start betting now! :)

good job

Muy buena info, facil de leer y entender un post muy vivo e informativo

Any tips betting on this baseball season?

Will definetly come after the Worldcup :) If you want more information join our discord server. There you can make more suggestions etc.

You do things when opportunities come. I have experienced times in my life when I have many ideas coming, and I have a long dry period.
and I am sure you will succeed in this social media,
because a lot of your work is very good and extraordinary,You do things when opportunities come. I have experienced times in my life when I have many ideas coming, and I have a long dry period.
and I am sure you will succeed in this social media,
because a lot of your work is very good and extraordinary,
The contents of this post is very interesting.
I'm sure many people who want to enjoy your post,
always successful greetings
The contents of this post is very interesting.
I'm sure many people who want to enjoy your post,
always successful greetings

resteem and upvote

How can I be benefited by betting? Is it legal in steemit?

Of course it's legal. It's actually a great benefit for everyone cause it gives you the possibility to multiply your earned SBD and have fun at the same time :)

Steemit going great. This will very helpfull to me. I am using bet365 but now i will use steemit. Hope fifa worldcup final :D

And steemit betting is much better ;)

I didn't even know this existed @bigbets, I'll look into your service. Following and I love a bit footie mate, especially at the moment! ;-D

Thank you very much! It would be great if you join us on Discord! We are always waiting for Feedback and suggestions

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There is something that does not convince me, but if everything works well idea! I invite you to follow my profile and check my sports betting post every day!

¡te di un voto positivo en tu publicación! ¡Por favor, dame un seguimiento y te daré un seguimiento a cambio y posibles votos futuros!

great thinking. I wanna be your partner. if you agree pls let me know..

Any body can bet there?

Yes of course. Anybody. Just go to our Website and check it out

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It's great to read your post, I read all your posts, much to learn from your post, much to know, I hope you are looking forward to such a beautiful post from you, you go forward, we are always with you, steemit A big flat platform! All our favorite sites, we all are here to build careers, since I am new here, so I want to help you with all of your help! Your! Hope you can get all the help you need on steemit, if you like, if you like, you can also improve yourself steemit! Thank you for posting a good post.

Thank you so much for this solution.I thank God for the brains behind big bets. We shall not spend our money on other betting sites

Thank you ver much! :) And this is just the beginning. There will come many improvements :)

Excellent, it would be great to implement the over and under as BetCRIS
A question that would happen if nobody hits the score 1:2 for example in the bet

That's a good Point. We will work on this and make big improvements for the WorldCup final :)

Nice post mn..
Please help and support I am new joined this platform please sprt for future posts...

World Cup war....

I love staking but it is quite unfortunate that few betting website available are scam.
I would love to help promote this among Nigeria community. I left a message on discord. Thank you.

Thank you ver much for your Support :)

Nice. My bet goes to Belgium. Really nice team is a very strong team it has good ball distribution a lead (Hazard) and has a very solid defense

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Nice! You were right! They really did a nice Job!

What is the payback? 100% or even more? What happen if nobody guess right result?

It depends on the game and on your tip. Just go to our Website and choose a game. Then fill out your bet and you will see your possible Profit. It's often much more than 100%. We are currently working on the case when noboy guesses the right result :) There will be big improvements before the WorldCup final so stay excited <3

Ok. I tried today and won my first bet. Just waiting for the Steem to arrive at my account. :-)

Congratulation! You will receive your won SBD in a few minutes! :)

Thanks! First time I tested it. I will be back.

We are very happy that you liked to use our service! :)

Nice concept but my question is that what will be next after game for after FIFA

We actually want our community to decide. So what are your wishes? Go join us on Discord:

Bet is good for some person or bad sometimes.Bet we are going to Greedy'

which sports are allowed here for it only for football?

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At the Moment we only offer matches of the WorldCup. After the WorldCup we will offer any Kind of bets you like. What are your wishes? If you want to, join us on Discord :)

thanx i will try for cricket letter

Ok we will think about it :) What do you think about Basketball?

My favourite Team is brazil is out. so i can support in England .

That's also a good tip :)

muy interesante informacion gracias por compartir saludos