The Current DOLLAR to SILVER Ratio now stands at an eye watering $4,274oz..!!

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The Current DOLLAR to #SILVER Ratio now stands at $4,274oz..!!

The Ratio back in 2016 was $946.22oz.!!


The amount of "New" Currency being created is simply mind blowing with Debt piling up at an astonishing pace.

Not to mention a shrinking and contracting Economy.!!

Keep a very close eye on #Silver over the coming few weeks.

Thanks again for reading.



The Silver/Gold Ratio will be Corrected to Ten to One, and the Weights and Face Values of our United States Bullion Coinage will all be Corrected in Phase Two of the U.S. Monetary Reset to Circulating Sound Money...
November 22, 2020,,, 7.2 Hollywood Time...

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Well, we know a lot about that shrinking economy. Sadly, we've had to sell our silver simply to keep the electricity and water turned on, and such.


This is amazing and mind blowing, Dollar to Silver ratio. Will keep a close eye.....🙄

Thanks for this updates

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