Fight Your Battles

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I’m fighting battles on the home front today. Kid’s school has some shady dealings going down, especially for a non-profit.

I asked @nursejamie “Why do we always find ourselves embroiled in these types of controversies?” It’s NOT that I seek them out. Although, I do admit a healthy love of spirited debate. I think most people face challenges big and small on their daily journeys. Some people choose to fight back. Some people don’t.

I will fight back. Always.

Choose to be a Warrior! For your wife. For your kids. For your family. For your people. For your future. For your fortune. For your destiny.

For what’s right.

Live a life that is noteworthy. Even if your greatest battle is only taking on a crooked elementary school board.

Thanks for reading my blog.

Carry On, HM

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Voting! And yep fight the battles that need winning!