Electric Bikes

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Does anyone else want an electric bicycle like me. Love the idea of riding a bike with electrical power helping me pedal! I think it would be fun and energy saving.

Here are some cool electric bikes...

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Awesome! I will, thank you.

It sure would be convenient when you get tired of peddling. The blue one is great because you don’t need to pedal or even know how to ride a bike even.

Or go 30 mph while barely peddling!

I love that they exist, but I'm not sure they are for me. If I lose a lot of weight and still find hills to be annoying maybe then I'd consider one.

We have a really big hill where I'm from....Every time I go up it, I wish I had one. Going down it is fun though!

I've seen they sell 24 volt e-bike motors cheap like around $50, so you could easily buy one and a deep cycle battery, then do your own conversion from a pedal bike.

Personally I'd like to see them make electric rollerblades with retractable wheels, so like you're walking along and want to glide on down to the bus stop, out pop the wheels.

Lol! That's a cool idea...don't give it away! You could make a million.

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