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I'm almost positive that I'll never be able to ride a bike like this. For Danny MacAskill a bike is not only made for riding up and downhills and getting a workout, but it is also an extension of his body that gives him the ability to leap buildings, slide down steep terrain, and perform backflips with ease it seems.

There aren't that many people in the world who have mastered their craft, but I would consider this guy to be one of them. Of course there are other masters in the sports industry, but the way that this guy rides his bike makes me feel like he is not only incredibly athletic, but also he is approaching his bike riding as something that you can not only use to compete, but also be used as a higher art form. He is fearless on his bike as if possessed by an otherworldly force that makes the risk of falling an afterthought.

Ok, it's possible you're not as impressed as me about the way he is able to ride his bike, but I know for a fact that I still won't even try to ride a bike without holding onto at least one handlebar at all times. I'm fearless with some things in my life, and I know I've managed to go at least 30mph on a bike before, but the thought of doing tricks on a bike in a city is way to crazy for me to even consider. Ok, here's the video.

According to Wikipedia, Danny MacAskill is currently about 34 and is a Scottish trials cyclist, from Dunvegan on the Isle of Skye. He also works as a street trials pro rider for Inspired Bicycles Ltd and Santa Cruz. He has been practicing riding for over 12 years and spends several hours a day riding. He appeared in his first music video performing stunts back in 2009, and he was a member of the Santa Cruz bicycle team as well: https://www.santacruzbicycles.com/en-US/syndicate

He also has a couple hits on YouTube including Imaginate, and a Wee Day Out filmed in Scotland as well as several more when you look at his Wikipedia or search on Youtube and he has sponsorship's with Red Bull and GoPro in most of these videos. If you watch his videos you might think that he was able to complete all his tricks in one take, but this is not the case, and he usually has his mistakes at the end of his videos to show you all the hard work these tricks actually took to accomplish.

I first saw this Cascadia video clip a few years ago and I still enjoy watching it from time to time because he somehow manages to actually seem to be riding with the music, and I have to admit it's one of the most interesting music videos I've seen. You'll also notice in the video that he is sponsored by Red Bull and GoPro, but that was probably obvious.

I'm confident I will never get to the point where my bicycle is not only an extension of myself, but also a pogo stick that I can use to bounce off of buildings. Is there anyone here that can also do this?


The guy is naturally talented in cycling stunts but I believe he perfected his skills and boldness with a long term preparation and practices . He is confidence and bold because of his hardwork in practice . To be frank I cannot imagine myself doing such things he is doing , this guy has truly overcome his fear and has build his confidence overtime . He is a talented dude @the4thmusketeer

Extraordinary ... the man was very skilled in cycling. What an extraordinary talent.

He's still riding, just probably not competing as much.

Hi. @the4thmusketeer. We can not forget that it is a preparation work. It would be great to be able to do something like that.

Yeah, this obviously would take a ton of work. But it's really cool to be able to see what an expert can accomplish.


It's all fun and games until your foot slips a pedal and you bust your knee on the stem.

Yeah, don't try this at home. Still impressive though.

lol i'm only joking around. It is very impressive. Are there any other riders that you like? I haven't followed bmx in a few years now.

I really haven't followed much of it either. I'm more into football, soccer, and basketball. But another good rider I've heard of before is Ryan Nyquist.

It looks pretty risky, but seems like he has the skill to pull it off. Still, I believe he might need a full head helmet, and more protective gear on the rest of the body as well.

Anyone that has a Red Bull partnership is living on the edge. Years and years of practice, and it's possible he has a little more protection from falls than the video leads you to believe.

really interesting thing too by cycling in the air


To me, I am still yet to even learn how to ride a bike not to talk of been expert but I believe I will still learn it very