Binance awarded $ 250,000 for capturing hackers

in #binance4 years ago

The Binance Stock Exchange has set a $ 250,000 union for the arrest of computer hackers on March 7th.

Regarding the merger, the first person to obtain documents resulting in an arrest for a single trial will receive the $ 250 Thousand Award as Binance Coin (BNB). There must be a lot of roadblocks.

In the statement made, the emphasis was on appropriate efforts to address persistent and unsafe behavior in the crypto community;
"We can not simply play defense to secure a secure crypto community. We must actively prevent hacking events before they happen. Although the hacking attempt on our platform was not successful on March 7, it was clear that this was a widespread and organized attack. This needs to be addressed. "

In addition to the current award, the stock market has allocated $ 10 million in crypto reserves for future hack-awards rewards in the face of any hacking initiative on the board. According to the platform statement, other stock exchanges have also invited this prevention to deactivate such attacks around the world. Binance said to its users, "It's always our priority to protect your money!"

After observing irregular and unauthorized transaction behavior in their accounts, users warned the stock market against security breaches. Although some users have never seen the impact of hackers, some users have reported that hackers can bypass Binocent's two-factor authentication system, possibly from API keys. Binance resumed hitching activities on 8 March the day after the hacking.


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