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Good evening,

Searching for an investment opportunity I sometimes use my gut feeling. I saw Binance with a quite steady rise, a couple of days ago but wasn't able to buy yet. The day after it went up pretty fast and I knew I had to buy some and got 323 Binance coins for 0.1 BTC. Binance is an upcoming cryptocurrency exchange (https://www.binance.com/) where you can buy Binance Coin (BNB) as well. For now I am happy with my investment since it s up 30% already!

Thanks for your time!


I bought some too just because of technical analysis of the charts...and also the free transaction costs. Once the free costs go away, which happens soon, I can't see this doing much...like others said, it doesn't appear to be any different than EtherDelta or BitShares....actually it's not as secure as them.

Yes, we will see were it goes. Indeed the charts made me buy them as well.

good for you. please inform us with your gut feeling ;-)

Why is this supposed to be really good? There are decentralized ethereum exchanges like ether delta what is Binance solving in this situation? Not ragging just curious.

I am not saying it is really good. I know that etherdelta has not the best user reviews so there may be a some room. A combination of the current trend line of the price, people behind it and just a feeling got me into it. Definitely not a guaranty for a big rise I know, but I'll see were it is going.

Have you read the whitepaper?

Hello. I'm interested in buying. I believe there's only one exchange over in China. I'm in the US and signed up with a 1st level account, but I haven't made any transactions yet. I was curious if anyone had tried having money transfered to their US account from the Binance Exchange and if it went smoothly?

Thanks for your comment/question. I have no experience with that though but I hope someone who does will reply.

From the UK I set up a wallet, bought bitcoin & ether then transferred them into binance. Have since bought $BNB as I believe binance will plow money into advertising and be v popular in China. They have English and Korean versions of the site so far too. The more popular binance is, the more $BNB will cruise to the moon right? In time, hopefully.

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