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RE: Update investment - Bought Binance Coin BNB

in #binance4 years ago

Hello. I'm interested in buying. I believe there's only one exchange over in China. I'm in the US and signed up with a 1st level account, but I haven't made any transactions yet. I was curious if anyone had tried having money transfered to their US account from the Binance Exchange and if it went smoothly?


Thanks for your comment/question. I have no experience with that though but I hope someone who does will reply.

From the UK I set up a wallet, bought bitcoin & ether then transferred them into binance. Have since bought $BNB as I believe binance will plow money into advertising and be v popular in China. They have English and Korean versions of the site so far too. The more popular binance is, the more $BNB will cruise to the moon right? In time, hopefully.

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