A Short Tale Ch 2

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Chapter 2

...what were they working on here? Continuing his search for information, he finds a map of his environment. Instantly upon touching a circular disk on the wall next to the console a hologram appears.

"Hello my name is GIFHI. Pronounced gi-fi. Which stands for Galactic Interface for Human Interactions, how may I assist you Sir."

"Where am I?

Gifhi responds, "You are aboard the Trans-Galactic corporate research facility."

"No, where exactly am I?"

You are in the far north quadrant of the nebula district in the Huron galaxy.

What the fuck! Wait wait wait wait! Wait a fucking minute! How fucking far is that from the Milky Way galaxy?

You are approximately 72 light years from the Milky Way.

Jaw dropping with the final onset of his current situation. What happened for the ship to be placed in self-destruct mode, you ask.

Gifhi explains the purpose of the ship and its current situation. 20 years ago a satellite received a response from the planet below us. An exploration team was sent out and never returned. We arrive 20 years later to find no evidence they physically made it, but their ship did. A crew was launched from here and sent to the ship to investigate and to the surface to find life signs as our detectors could not find any.

The ship crew arrived with information but the surface team came back with live specimens from the surface. We began testing and discovered it could rewrite DNA to repair defects. Advances were made and we began testing Human subjects and had a leak of F19. The virus took floors 100-50 in a matter of days. It is currently contained to those floors. It should be noted that the manual override is located on floor 85 in the engine room. To avoid any contamination with human life the ship's reactor has been set to self-destruct.

Well folks, I hope this wasn't to descriptive. What will happen to our character next. Stay tuned for the next chapter of Lost in Time.


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