Hero of the week - Nikola Tesla – the greatest genius ever born

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“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

Nikola Tesla was undoubtedly the greatest genius of the past 200 years, on par with Leonardo da Vinci. There is no other person in history in his league. But he was way ahead of his time and not a materialistic man, so his ideas were often frowned upon or stolen by lesser men. But despite his death in poverty in 1943, his ideas lived on and are coming to fruition now that civilization has caught up with this legend.

Born to Serbian parents in Croatia, he had visionary abilities since childhood. He had a photographic memory and knew six languages by the age of nineteen. Some of his inventions include radio, fluorescent lighting, remote control on robotics, x-rays, guided missiles and most notably AC electric current. He had over 700 patents to his name. Our lives are leagues better thanks to him, yet we are taught that Edison was the inventor of some of his work. Edison was a thief who had a contact in the patent office and many of his ideas are stolen. He became envious of Tesla and tried to ruin him. Yet school teaches us a distorted lie instead of the truth in this regard. What else are we being lied to about, one can’t help but wonder?

As a youth he was fascinated by the Niagra Falls and wanted to come to America. In his childhood he already envisioned harnessing the power of the Falls, something he achieved in his maturity. His visions were so real to him that they appeared as if real in his mind’s eye. Many of his inventions were brought to him in dreams too. This is real genius, bordering on what we might today call mystical or metaphysical abilities, something yogis are able to achieve by opening the third eye, or activating the Pineal and Pituitary connection. Mystical ability is basically a biological science that we have just not understood yet, but yoga teachings of the ancient Vedas in India tell us about it in texts that are thousands of years old. Tesla was a natural.

After studying engineering he was recommended by a follower of Edison to go to America and meet the “inventor” there. SO he emigrated to America and worked with Edison on AC current while Edison promoted DC current. As a result they fell out eventually because Edison saw him as a competitor. Nevertheless Tesla still achieved great fame at the height of his career, being able to harness the Niagra Falls for power, as he envisioned he would years earlier. A man called Westinghouse bought Tesla’s patents and started the electricity company that powered America at the time. But it was Tesla’s insights that eventually powered and electrified the entire planet as we see it today.

The irony is that Tesla was never a money-minded person or thought of the commercial value of his work. He considered himself a discoverer, not even an inventor because he was not making the creations he had but finding them out. He never made electricity but discovered it as well as other forms of power that already exist all the time everywhere. Others made huge fortunes from his discoveries. He even talked of ideas that we would today call television or the internet, but his peers thought he was crazy and criticized him harshly. Already his ability to illuminate lamps without wires was miraculous to them.

At some point his lab mysteriously burned down costing him millions and also years of research that was lost. He had basically found free energy on a planetary scale. It still exists to this day, is all around us, yet here in my country electricity is skyrocketing in cost to the retailer, month by month, crippling the poor. This is what unscrupulous men do to fulfill their greed. They ruin the lives of the entire humanity for their little pleasure. Electricity could be free. There is so much power in the ionosphere around the globe, yet they charge us heaps of money to run dirty coal, diesel or nuclear plants today. What a travesty and blight on the moral standard of mankind. Of course it is not the whole of mankind, but a villainous few who act like Mafia and crush the world for their pleasure.

Tesla also discovered the Schuman Resonance, the frequency at which the entire earth resonates, as well as our brains and bodies, which is around 6-8hz (hertz). He found the Schuman cavity just below the surface of the earth and could push power through it all the way around the planet until it returned to him in full circle. He saw the unlimited supply and wanted to give it to all freely. But criminal minds prevented him from liberating humanity so that they could enjoy the spoils of the earth for themselves while the rest of civilization suffered. What kind of demon does that? An envious one who has lost his awareness of reality, and his soul. When Tesla saw the suffering of the masses in countries without power he wanted to relieve them of their struggle. We could be a different world today, one of prosperity for all 7.5 billion souls, but a few men ruined it. It sickens me to even think of such villainy. Tesla was able to produce lightning and thunder, shooting it up into the sky, even blowing up the entire Colorado Springs generators 25 miles away with his early experiments. He was the lightning wielder.

There is so much that can be said about Tesla, as his real legacy is being revealed nowadays. His early financier was the evil banker JP Morgan, but he pulled out after he saw that no money could be made off Tesla’s work if he gave the world free energy. Those same banker families still run the world financial system today, keeping you and I in debt while they become stinking rich on our suffering. Ultimately Tesla saw that his discoveries could be used for military purposes and kept them secret or gave parts of the plans to different governments so that they would have to work together. The Russians still have some of his findings and have tested them out. That’s what pushed the star wars race during the Reagan era in America.

Besides the fact that forty years after the discovery of radio, the world is admitting that Marconi wasn’t the inventor but that he simply used Tesla’s patents, another huge discovery of his was the ionosphere around the planet and what we would call today weather modification or HAARP. The use of Scalar waves is still being researched by the US military today, along with geo-engineering. When the military became interested in his discoveries, Tesla told them he could build a death ray as he was patriotic and wanted to defend his newly adopted land of America. This was in the buildup to World War 2, and basically implied laser weaponry or defense capability. The American military took all his research after his death and still have it, so you can imagine the capabilities they have which are undisclosed. The Chinese and Russians also have similar technology.

At some point in the early twentieth century Swami Vivekananda came to America as the first Indian yogi to bring the hidden knowledge of the Vedas to the west. These are the yoga texts that talk of non material energy fields. Tesla met Swami and immediately took to the wisdom of the Sanskrit Vedanta teachings. Tesla learned the Sanskrit words used for the physics of the universe as described thousands of years ago, in words like “prana” and “akash”, meaning non-physical energy and the ether or astral field. He was able to use these terms to describe lucidly his perceptions and findings. This just shows us the greatness of the yoga philosophy and its teachings in the Vedas. Tesla said he would have become a Buddhist if he was religious.

“The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.”

But the science revealed in the Vedas may be mystical to some, but it is a science nevertheless, not a religion as we know the term in the West. Religion may be there but it can change from day to day as a belief system. However, scientific laws of the universe do not change and are the makeup of the cosmos and indeed our very selves. That is what you will find in the yoga texts of ancient India. Even Tesla saw that.

“What one man calls God, another calls the laws of physics.”

Many mathematical and astronomical discoveries actually originate in the Vedas. It’s the military victors who rewrite history in their image and claim proprietorship over what they stole from their conquered cultures.

“I wanted to illuminate the whole earth. There is enough electricity to become a second sun. Light would appear around the equator, as a ring around Saturn. Mankind is not ready for the great and good.”

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He is pretty cool. I read a few books about him and watched a couple films on him.

Nikola Tesla was undoubtedly the greatest genius of the past 200 years, on par with Leonardo da Vinci. There is no other person in history in his league.

This is undoubtedly a product of Serbian propaganda, social bias towards inventors and scientists, and mostly guilt for forgetting him due to his mental problems and conflicts with contemporaries.

Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein, James Maxwell, Marie Curie, Allen Turing, Stephen Hawking, Michael Faraday, Max Planck, Louis Pasteur, Carl Friedrich Gauss are a few scientists who've lived in the past 200 years. I'm forgetting a few more famous and accomplished math and science people probably. Then we have writers, philosophers, artists, composers, statesmen, entrepreneurs.

We feel bad because of his famous war of the currents, but considering he tried to marry a pigeon and was a complete weirdo, is anyone really surprised that he wasn't easy to work with and thought of as mad?
He was no doubt amazing and had a mad scientist appeal.

I like him more than any other genius so far because he displayed mystical skills, like photographic memory, the ability to see his visions or to visualise his ideas, his ability to get answers in his dreams, his acknowledgment of the Vedas, etc. He was a mystic, as well as a scientist so might have acted oddly. His abilities were supramornal. Few others had these abilities that he displayed.

He is definitely unique and worth studying. Although if you go back as far as Davinci, Newton was another interesting character in between the two with massive contributions to science who basically invented modern science, but also tried to explain divine powers.

What a true man of vision! Isn't it something that he could describe what has come about today so clearly way back then! He has an uncanny ability to look into the future!
What a shame that it couldn't have been men like Tesla who ruled and had the power - just imagine what our world could have been like!
This story of Telsa's futuristic vision brings up a story of when I went to Disneyland as a young girl, some 50 + years ago, and i went to the futuristic pavilion. There they were showing folks having the ability to be able to see the people they were talking too! I was blown away! You see i came from the era of party lines and rotary dial phones, so this was really fascinating and now it is common place!

Well said, he envisioned the cell phone 100 years ago or so, truly amazing man.

One really gets a perspective of history as one ages and has more to look back on and compare with.

Ya, I was thinking I should start writing my memoirs for I'm realizing that I've lived through a number of different eras and to have them recorded even if just for my granddaughter.

Tesla... He has a big company, right?

Actually the Tesla company today is building electric cars, but the name they use originally belonged to this Tesla in the post here who died about 70 years ago. The company today uses his name out of respect for him.

That's really interesting story. I wish I could have my own company someday

Yes, build your dream in your mind and then give it time and it will manifest in reality.

I will sir 😊

Wow, amazing... Tesla prediction is now a reality. I think you will post soon if our currency will be totally change into digital. I will look forward for it.

Thanks for your comments. I will make some more posts soon on the change of currency.

It is truly mindblowing that he was able to see clearly how technology would evolve long past his death -- what a genius he was.

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Yes definitely in a league of his own.

Couldn't agree more! I really liked your article by the way. I had no clue Telsa may have been working on a death ray -- great read!

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Fascinating and as @theroachmedia says, mindblowing. Tragic, too.

Yes he is my favourite genius. He was also a mystic with paranormal abilities.

And he built one of his labs here in Colorado to take advantage of the frequent lightning strikes.

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I see, so that's why he went to Coorado!

It sure is. He is quite celebrated in Colorado as well.

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Dear @julianhorack

Perhaps he is the greatest mind in the history, but greatest minds are usually also very dangerous. They care about sience more than about human life. People like him could sacrifice entire world population just to reach their goals.

It's good to remember that. Otherwise we may end up having very 'false' image of heros and geniuses from old days.

He had over 700 patents to his name.

And yet he end up being poor. How come ? ... Unbelievable.

Are you part of SteemitBloggers? I was wondering if their community is actually helping you to get some traffic? What do they actually do to support their members?

Great read buddy

Hi there my friend yes Tesla was a great mind but he was the opposite of dangerous. He actually invented a powerful weapon but decide the world was not ready so he did not give it to the military but rather split it up and gave pieces of his data to several governments so that they would be forced to co-operate. he was a pacifist who wanted to energize the world's pop for free for ever. It is the bankers like his sponsor JP Morgan that was the villain by siding with Edison because they could make millions off Edison's copper cable-based electric grid. So Morgan abandoned Tesla for more money. That's why he ended up poor.
Edison had an inside man at the patent office and stole many patents. Tesla was not into business at all and only into helping the world so he was taken advantage of by money minded people. I have read about him so do not give a "false" image as you say.

So I think you are wrong about Tesla. Remember that.

No I'm not with SteemBloggers at all.

Thank you for letting me know @julianhorack

I really appreciate you sharing that knowledge. Also: isn't POWER HOUSE CREATIVES related to SteemitBloggers? (that's what I thought).

Cheers, Piotr

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I had no clue about Edison! It turns history on its head!

I loved reading your article and think this is something really important to share as the right and truthful information is what we SHOULD be learning about.
When it comes to school teachings, my philosophy is question everything. Many things are taught with lies.
And with people seeing the science from people past, our future might just be more cleaned up than what is happening today. We just got to teach our children this, so that it does happen.


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Awesome read with great information ❤ ~ foxyspirit

Tesla was a giant. Too bad the history books are kinder to him.