We are getting an ice storm right now and the roads and walkways are getting treacherous. I am getting very weary of winter and we still have a whole lot more to go!

It should not be easy at all. Winter seems eternal to me and that I am not there😱

This is the time of year when Jim would not be able to bear another day of winter and he would say ' Let's go find some green!' and we would pack a couple suitcases, load my scooter in the back of the car and head South until we found some green! I miss him.

You made me cry. I know it should not be easy for you to not be with him anymore. My mom does the same. She does not cry as much as he used to, but every day she remembers it and misses he so much.

I certainly understand how she feels. I don't cry as much now either, but hardly an hour goes by that I don't think of him.

But good that is the law of the life. They are in a better place ... I did not cry so much because I had to be strong for her and for me.

The first month was hard for me, but he knew he was dying and was so sick for months. He gave me so many treasured words and moments to hold on to that I can remember and cherish them anytime I need him near. I often feel that he isn't very far away.

That is the most beautiful of all. All those wonderful moments! He will always be with you because you always have it in mind and this is the best way to keep him alive❤