Black-capped Donacobius - Birds of the Guyanas 16

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The Black-capped Donacobius is a conspicuous bird that can be found in wet places like marshes, mainly along the coastline. They like to be in or on top of dense vegetation, usually quite close to the ground. I often see them as couples in the fields nearby where they attract a lot of attention to themselves singing their noisy duets.


The Black-capped Donacobius mates for life and breeds from Januari to August. They are cooperative breeders and their offspring stay with their parents and help raising their future siblings.


These birds have an extensive range and can be found from Colombia to Brazil and in Bolivia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru and Panama of Central America. They feed on insects like flies, beetles and wasps etc.

The Black-capped Donacobius; an attractive bird that's about 22 cm long and weighs between 30 and 40 g.


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