Greater Ani - Birds of the Guyanas 11

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The Greater Ani is a very social bird in the cuckoo family. They nest in small groups, building a single nest in which all the females lay their eggs. All the member of the group participate in building the nest and raising the young. They breed from April till September but mainly in August.


Last week, every evening around 6 o'clock, a small group lands in our garden. They only stay for a minute or so and then move on. They eat big insects and sometimes even small lizards and frogs.


The greater ani is about 48 cm long and weighs 170 grams. They are black with a blueish gloss. They have a long tail, a big bill and a white iris. The immature birds have a dark iris


This ani can be found in mangrove swamps, semi-open woodland near water, and at the edges of forests. They are resident breeders and live in most countries of South America.

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