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The Green-rumped Parrotlet is the smallest of all 25 parrots and macaws in Suriname. They mainly live in the fields where they eat seeds, fruits and flowers. They are not so affected by the degradation of the forest like many other parrots, they even like the gardens and you can often see them on antennas and wires.


The Green-rumped Parrotlet has very strong pairing bonds although they don't mate for life. In this older picture above you see the female with some yellow on her head and the male with a bit of blue on its wings. These birds often fly over making a lot of noise, 'greegree, greegree', that's when you have to pay attention if you want to photograph them. Their green colour makes it almost impossible to spot them in the fields

There are two parrotlets in this picture. Can you spot them? The other bird is a Tropical Mockingbird.

The green-rumped parrotlet is a resident breeder which lives from Columbia to north-east Brazil and along the Amazone River. In Suriname it breeds during the rainy season from April to Juli. They nest in holes in trees or in the nests of termites.

A Green-rumped Parrotlet and a Blue-grey Tanager together in an almond tree


The pictures of the parrotlet in the almond tree were taken this morning. I'm very pleased with them because these birds are difficult to approach in the field and usually you just see them on wires and antennas. Which never gives a really nice picture.

parrots ornament_L.jpg

Thank you for visiting my blog and happy birding.



They look like the introduced green Budgerigars that were so common in Florida years ago. They have mostly died off now there.

Maybe they are the same? Would not surprise me with all the bird trading.

Maybe they are the
Same? Would not surprise me with
All the bird trading.

                 - gardenbsquared

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

I don't think so. Just look similar.

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