Greyish Saltator (Saltator coerulescens) - Birds of the Guyanas 20

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The Greyish Saltator (Saltator coerulescens) sometimes visits our garden looking for fruit to eat but normally it prefers the open country and fields in the coastal area. It not only eats fruit but also seeds and slow moving arthropods. In the first picture from March this year we see a juvenile. It has a yellow eyebrow and some yellow on its chin. These birds get more grey when they get older and their eyebrow and chin turn white.


Last week it visited our garden again, eating the berries from one of the bushes.


The Greyish Saltator ranges from Mexico in the north to Argentina and Uruguay in the south. In Suriname it breeds from February to Juli. Their normal clutch is two eggs that the female lays in a bulky cup nest 2 to 4 metres high in a tree.


The Greyish Saltator is rare in the interior, but that is where their cousins are found (Buff-throated Saltator). This medium sized songbird is about 21 cm long and weighs around 50 grams.

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This was the only species of Saltator I saw on my recent trip to Costa Rica. Nice bird, excellent photos.

Thank you so much.

Nice photography.... Nice post.

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