Spotted Tody-flycatcher - Birds of the Guyanas 13

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The Spotted Tody-flycatcher visited our garden yesterday morning for the first time. I've seen this small bird (9-10cm) only a couple of times before. It was looking for insects to eat, hopping through the bushes. It can mainly be found in the coastal area in mangrove forests, wetlands and along rivers and creeks.


The Spotted Tody-flycatcher is widespread and occurs from northeast Venezuela, northern parts of the Guyanas and most of Brazil. It can also be found in Eastern Peru and Northwest Bolivia. They are relatively common and are not threatened.


They breed all year round and both parents build the nest made out of grasses hanging from a twig. It's the female who incubates the 1-2 eggs.

I'm very pleased that I spotted it again and were able to take a couple of photographs. They are easily missed because they are so small and often hide deeply in bushes and trees. Their call is a clear 'tee' that is repeated several times.

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