howdy Melinda! I hope your day has been going well. What if those birds don't leave, will you try to keep them fed?

I only saw them hanging around for a few hours and I haven't seen them since so I'm pretty sure they are long gone.They do like apples and berries and I could have tried putting some out for them if I thought they were still around.

howdy tonight Melinda! I agree, I'm sure they're probably long gone. Just the squirrels and chipmunks around now, right? or maybe the chipmunks hybernate too?

No chipmunks until spring! They are all taking a long winter nap. Just lots of squirrels! Actually, Chipmunks do not hibernate. They go into torpor just like hummingbirds do, where their metabolism almost comes to a complete stop and it's almost as if they are dead and cold. That way they can make it all winter without having to store fat like hibernating creatures do.

More freezing rain tonight and even the possibility of thunderstorms! That will seem weird I haven't heard thunder in months and months.

Oh shoot I mispelled hibernate, thank you for the correct spelling! lol. Ok, now I remember about those chipmunks but I didn't know about the Humming birds, where do they go to do that?
That is a very strange forecast, you go from record lows to record or near record highs!

The weather has been crazy.

Hummingbirds go into topor every night. Their metabolism is so fast that during the day they have to eat incredibly frequently and they would never be able to make it through an entire night without shutting their systems down.

haha! oh my gosh that's so fascinating Melinda! wow, I'd like that kind of metabolism for a couple days, I'd be ripped!

Or you would be eating continously!

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