After last week I think I agree one thousand percent 😂

We are in the middle of an ice storm right now.

Ohh No stay safe and warm and enough of Winter already

I'm not going anywhere! With this kind of ice my mailbox might as well be 12 miles away. I'm expecting a really exciting package but there's no way I can get to it even if it is in the box. I need chains for my scooter tires!

Well if the weather wont affect the package it can wait for a better day no matter how exciting it is, its not worth risking a fall to try and get it

Stay safe :)

I'm pretty sure the weather won't affect it, since it is from one of my Steem rock collecting friends. But my daughter grabs the privious days mail each morning when she stops over, so all mail will have to wait until then.

Well that sound slike it can wait so thats a good idea to leave it till then :)

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