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Parrots are unsurpassed sound imitators: they imitate human speech, reproduce animal sounds and even try to repeat musical works.

Moreover, all these masterpieces of bird imitation are carried out only with the help of the mouth, tongue and beak, since parrots do not have vocal cords.

Having a parrot is a great idea, because these birds seem to be created for keeping at home. With all the necessary information, we will be able to provide the feathered pet with care, in which the parrot will be healthy and cheerful, and the owner is happy.


Due to the excellent ability to quickly get used to new living conditions and not suffer from a change in the usual environment, parrots were often tamed by sailors going on long voyages.

Feathered companions gladly traveled on ships and brigantines across countries together with the owner, without experiencing any discomfort.


Like humans, a parrot can be right-handed or left-handed.The gray parrot became famous for its knowledge of languages ​​and a rich vocabulary of 400 words, in connection with which it was entered in the Guinness Book of Records.


These birds usually wait out the hot time of the day in the shade, hiding on the branches in the dense foliage of trees. At night, they sleep, and with the first rays of the sun they gather in small flocks and go to the watering hole and feeding areas, located a few kilometers from the place of the night.

Some birds drink at the water's edge, while others sink to the surface and quench their thirst on the fly. Often the company at the watering place they are cockatoo and zebra finches.


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