There is a cure like a man! (Video)

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Recently, experiments have been found in the biological examination that Crook or Grayle 7-year-old people equally intelligent birds! Although birds are not considered intelligent animals. But in a new study, the American Great-Tailed Grayl proved that he can solve the problem quite a bit. Our very well known caw is equally intelligent animals.

In one test, the crow was released in a problematic environment. If you can solve it, the food will be found. He surprised the scientists. The 7-year-old man was able to match the puzzle with the help of different techniques. Even with the change of the scenes, the Central American bird has changed its strategy and smoked the food. Such skills are called 'Behavioral Flexibility'. People have been tested on this issue. There was no examination of animal fever. In the paper published in 'Piraje', it was shown that Coke or Grayle decided to make an immediate decision to complete his work!


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