Birds of Bangladesh-Diversity 1

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The national bird of Bangladesh, Doyle, who enjoys beautiful and sweet voices. Doel is not seen in any other bird that looks like a man. The nature of Bangladesh is mixed with its beauty. Being a national bird, this bird has aroused the history and tradition of Bangladesh. Dwell birds are noticed around us all year round. They usually sow on grass in open ground in the garden or in the gardens. Doyle lives on spreading sprayed spices and small spices.


People of Bangladesh are naturally birdwatchers. Many people observe different species of birds in their own home or garden. Birds that are celebrated at home are called domestic birds. Kabutara's name is the most notable among the domestic birds in Bangladesh. Most of the birds of Bangladesh in the house celebrate the kabutara. Among the domestic birds, there are more species of slopes, pigeons, bulbul, tia, poster, etc.